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East County Review is your go-to publication for all things in La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside and Alpine. When a new restaurant opens, we are there to cover it. You’ll meet the masterminds behind the concept, have a peek at the menu and nearly savor the flavors behind each word. Living your best life is a lot easier than you think. We’ll show you how with living and breathing examples. By featuring local yoga studios, spiritual gurus and hypnotherapists, readers can carve their own path to wellness. As humans evolve, so do the treatments and methodologies designed to help us live longer. Our journalists investigate what’s worth your time and consideration or what might be a bunch of hot air.

Your favorite local rag highlights your children, neighbors, and rising stars playing sports for high school and collegiate teams. We feature them alongside professional players in the limelight. Are you thinking of cultivating a garden in your back yard or getting together with likeminded folks to plant a community garden? We’d like to know about it. Tell us how people can get involved, where it will be located and explain its purpose. Talent abounds in this County. Our reporters are interested in showcasing interior designers, florists and contractors that break the mold. Real estate is America’s most fool proof path to wealth. With the average home costing $400,000, we would be remiss not to cover it. Learn about what’s coming down the pipeline that may affect your home valuation or revenue.

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East County is characterized by progressive and enterprising business owners.  From tech start ups on the rise to small mom and pops in the trenches, we’d want to know what’s going on.  Reach out to let us know about budding entrepreneurs or historical landmarks experiencing tough times.  In many cases, we can rally the people to prevent vital businesses from closing.  If you’d like to have your business featured or someone you know, contact us.

All that glitters is not gold.  Tinsel town is not all it’s cracked up to be.  East County has amazing talent without the unnecessary fanfare.  Discover musicals, plays, dancing, dinner theater, bands, vocalists and orchestras in your own backyard.  We keep our ear to ground for arts and entertainment.  In between mega stardom and being down and out, there is an integral space where artists thrive and create their best work.  East County Review journalists are right there.  We’d hate to miss out on featuring an artist or event that our viewers would enjoy.  Send us an email with all the details.  Our journalists will do an in depth article to garner the support of the local community.

This publication is not stodgy, reserved or verbose.  The language is designed for an easy read for people with little time.  It’s relatable and gets right to the point.  As the latest news outlet on the scene, we want to get it right.  We appreciate your feedback.