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5G Towers Cause Cancer

Gang violence, poor schools, decrepit infrastructure and high taxes are the usual culprits that force long term residents to relocate. This time, the menace is technology – 5G to be exact. Over 200 scientific journals point to 5G towers as the cause of cancer, sterility, insomnia and nervous disorders.

The Klickas of Oceanside noticed the towers being installed right outside their window. They were shocked that the city had not notified them or their neighbors. Pam and Andrew are natives to the area. They have a 5 year son who enjoys the luxury of being able to play at his grandparent’s home which is located in the vicinity. Concerned with their family’s health, the Klickas have decided to sell their home and move out of state.

Very little research has been conducted on how 5G towers effect humans. Scientists have linked 5G technology to Alzheimer’s disease and childhood autism. A minority of scientists have declared this technology as the cause for the Corona virus.

In order for 5G technology to work, cell phone providers must install many small towers throughout a designated area. These towers can be placed onto light posts, electrical and telephone poles. Unlike 4G technology, these towers are located in closer proximity. The Klickas believe this is the prevailing reason why 5G technology is potentially deadly. Andrew Klicka states that they would have never purchased their home in Oceanside had they known a small tower would essentially be erected in their backyard.

Our North County neighbors are much more reactive than East County San Diego. In January, a Stop 5G rally took place in Carlsbad. Encinitas became the first city in North County to outlaw 5G transmitters in parks and residential areas. Residents stood up to the cell phone industry to say no to 5G.

Susan Brinchman, the founder of the nonprofit group and organizer of the Stop 5G rally states, “Everyone was happy with their old devices. But the wireless companies had to come up with something new so they cold ditch the old technology and get people to spend money on something new. I never had any problems with my 4G phone. Now they want us all to be guinea pigs for this new technology, and they find their own scientists to pooh-pooh the real health issues.”

Harmful electromagnetic waves are invisible to the naked eye. And what’s more, city officials are no match for the Federal Communications Commission. Encinitas was able to halt 5G technology due to an aesthetics technicality. Oceanside deputy manager, Jonathan Borrego stated that a municipality’s ability to preclude small cell towers on the basis of health concerns is restricted by the FCC. One thing is clear, in order to change the tide East County residents will need to join forces with surrounding counties.

You can Still Enjoy your Favorite Restaurants During COVID-19

Very few businesses are operating at full capacity. The local economy is at a standstill. The world has been advised to social distance themselves from others. Governments, media and schools promote self quarantine as a method to control COVID-19. Meanwhile, stores are sold out of nearly everything. Mass hysteria has spread to the point of the absurd. While folks duke it out over a roll of toilet paper, Californians wonder how long this pandemic will last. This level of fear and contagion is unprecedented in our lifetime.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Look on the bright side. Now you can sit in front of the TV and get caught up on your shows while munching on your favorite comfort foods. If you ran out of mozzarella cheese don’t worry. No tortilla shells – no problem. Are you out of tomatoes? If your pantry supplies are dwindling, look to your local restaurants for a remedy. Many area cafes and eateries are offering take-out and delivery services.

On March 16, 2020 a County Order was issued for restaurants to stop dine-in service until March 31st due to COVID-19. This was a frantic effort to mitigate the effects of the potentially deadly virus. Restaurant owners have adapted their business models to comply with the mandate. Instead of attempting to make a lesser version of Tapatio’s pulled pork taco, order it directly from the source.

A list of area restaurants offering curbside takeout or door-to-door delivery in alphabetical order is below. This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you are aware of other restaurants doing the same, let us know. This list will be updated appropriately.

Enjoy dragon rolls, crispy baked chicken, smooth pale ale, savory chicken tacos and fall off the bone barbecue pork ribs at Ahi Sushi, Al Pancho’s, Alpine Beer Company & Pub, Alpine Taco Shop and Alpine Tavern & Grill. Each of these restaurants provides curbside take out.

Binge watch thrillers while eating creamy chicken Alfredo, savory beef quesadillas and lasagna made with fresh pesto sauce from Bongiovanni’s Italian Restaurant, Centifoni’s Restaurant, Descanso Junction, Diego’s Mexican Food and Donato’s Italian Restaurant. All of these restaurants provide takeout. Centifoni’s offers both curbside takeout and door-to-door delivery.

Country fresh fried green tomatoes, soft ciabatta, crisp Greek salads and Irish sauerkraut from Farmer’s Table, Gibaldi’s Bread-Frank’s Bakery, Grecian Café, Hacienda Casa Blanca and Hooleys Irish Pub will satisfy your cravings and boost the local economy. Farmer’s Table offers takeout and delivery. Hooley’s is delivery only through the convenience of DoorDash. Gibaldi’s, Grecian Café and Hacienda Casa Blanca are takeout only.

Beat cabin fever by ordering from Janet’s Montana Café, Jeremy’s on the Hill, Johnny Bs, La Carreta, Light Bulb Coffee, Manana’s Mexican Food, Panda Machi, Pizza Hut, Rolando Garden Kitchen and Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill.

SDSU Aztec Women’s Team Wins Again

Comprehensive training and focus paid off for San Diego State University’s Aztecs. The women’s tennis team did not lose a set. They were victorious on March 11, 2020 against Youngstown State. This was their second consecutive dual match victory. The score was 7 to 0 in the Aztec’s favor. The match took place on home soil at the Aztec Tennis Center.

It just goes to show that you can’t count out the youngest players. Freshman, Julia Jordan and junior Tamara Arnold posted a 6 to 0 shut out against Youngstown State’s Moraleja and Zagar. Youngstown’s Penguins, Esteo and Barboza were no match for junior Nnena Nadozie and freshman Cecile Morin. They secured the first point of the match for the formidable Aztecs. The final score was 7 to 6 on the third court.

The wins kept coming for the Aztecs as Rimoldi Godoy earned the Scarlet and Black’s second point of the day resulting in a 6 to 1, 1 to 0 (retired) victory over Youngstown State’s Moraleja on the fifth court. Junior player Alicia Melosch was up next with a 6 to 0 and 6 to 3 topping of third-seeded Zagar. Arnold continued with the pummeling when she secured the match win in favor of the Aztecs. She scored a 6 to 9 and 6 to 4 landslide over the Penguin’s Stanmore on the second court.

Aztec women’s tennis defied the odds by earning big wins from first seed Nadozie who bested Youngstown State’s Teufl by 6 to 4 and 6 to 2. Abbie Mulbarger, junior topped Barboza on the 6th court with a 7 to 6 (9-7) and 6 to 1 decision. Jordan strategically gained the final win of the day with a 7 to 5 and 6 to 0 win on the 4th court. She was the better opponent against Esteo and secured the shutout triumph.

The Aztecs proved the naysayers wrong with their third sweep of the 2020 season on March 11. The last time San Diego State University completed a dual without losing a set was on February 15, 2020. They bested Long Beach State 4 to 0.

Tennis Match Results
San Diego State University Aztecs vs. Youngstown State Penguins
March 11, 2020 at the Aztec Tennis Center
San Diego State University scored 7, Youngstown State scored 0

There will be no rest for the weary when San Diego State returns to the courts on Sunday at noon to play against the San Diego Toreros. The Toreros are ranked 40th in the league. The match is set to take place at the Aztec Tennis Center for a dual. SDSU will use home court advantage as a vital strategy. The Aztecs are predicted to finish the season strong. Superior coaching, intense focus and smart training will keep them in the lead.

Flush that Bill Down the Toilet

El Cajon City Council plans on passing a bill that would automatically add sewage costs to property taxes. The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors plans on protesting this bill. PSAR is San Diego’s largest real estate association. They say this proposed bill would place undue burden on property owners while alleviating the bureaucratic stress from municipal shoulders.

The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors will voice their frustration at the next city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Marcy 10, 2020 at 3PM. This meeting is open to the public. Anyone who would like to attend or voice their opinion may do so at 200 Civic Center Way, El Cajon.

On its surface, this bill seems innocuous. PSAR contends that it will have far reaching effects. For one, future home owners will need to qualify for a higher mortgage. They say, increased property taxes always result in decreased borrowing capacity.

Members of PSAR argue that adding sewage costs to property taxes will lower property values throughout the city. A higher tax bill will shrink the amount of money future homeowners have to purchase homes. It will also result in lost equity.

Ultimately, if property taxes increase it will negatively effect the buying power of most homebuyers. In their well crafted list of arguments, they fail to mention that it will also make their jobs more difficult. By their estimation, potential homeowners will need an additional 2% to qualify for a home loan. This decreases their pool of customers, thereby lowering their revenue.

It is expected that the City Council will consider PSAR’s rebuttals seriously. They have over 3,100 members represented in El Cajon, Chula Vista and Clairemont. While it is advantageous for the municipality to cut through the red tape, they don’t want to be responsible for a slump in the local real estate market. A shortage of home buyers means a smaller tax base from which to fund its infrastructural projects and upgrades.

The typical home in El Cajon costs $400,000. With a 20% down payment, a 30-year mortgage of 5.5% can cover the remaining 80 percent. Based on this model, the current monthly mortgage payment is $2251. This includes $800 for insurance broken up into 12 monthly payments of $67. Property taxes assessed at 1.1% amount to $367. Monthly sewage charges are $45. That would increase a homeowner’s monthly mortgage from $2251 to $2296.

To qualify for a mortgage, homeowners need a 40% minimum income. Instead of having an annual income of $67,530 an individual would need $68,880 to qualify. A homebuyer’s purchasing power is reduced by $8000 when sewer charges are added to the property tax bill.

El Cajon City Council attempted the same measure in July 2013. It was flushed down the proverbial toilet.

These are Trying Times

These are trying times. COVID-19 has impacted the world beyond measure. In our little corner of the world, the California government is doing its best to protect us from the economic and social fallout resulting from this deadly virus.

On the 16th of March, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order protecting Californians from evictions and foreclosures. The order grants local governments the authority to halt evictions for renters and homeowners. If someone is going through a foreclosure between March 16 and May 31, 2020, the process will be significantly stifled. Consumers also have a safeguard against utility shutoffs.

The Governor stated:

People shouldn’t lose or be forced out of their home because of the spread of COVID-19. Over the next few weeks, everyone will have to make sacrifices – but a place to live shouldn’t be one of them. I strongly encourage cities and counties to take up this authority to protect Californians.

The Executive Order comes right on time as Californians are bracing themselves against the economic tide as a result of COVID-19. Many people are experiencing a loss in wages, the inability to pay their rent and mortgage. Some consumers are already experiencing difficulty covering monthly utilities.

To be clear, The Order does not relieve tenants from their rent obligations. It also does not limit a landlord’s ability to recover past due rent. But it does provide a temporary blanket of protection for lessees through May 31, 2020. There is a strong possibility that the effective date may be extended.

Banks and other financial institutions are also included within the Executive Order. The California government requests that they halt foreclosures and evictions during this precarious season. This particular section of the order is pertinent because reports indicate that 70% of Californians have less than $1000 in savings. Studies show that most Americans are two paychecks away from being homeless. This measure is a stop gap to mitigate potentially disastrous economic side effects.

The California Public Utilities Commission has been asked to monitor public and private utility providers within the state. The Executive Order hones in on providing protections for customers for essential utilities. Electricity, water, gas, landline telephone service, internet, and cellular phone offerings will be supervised on a weekly basis.

The prevailing sentiment is that conditions will get worse before they get better. Governor Newsom is doing everything within his power to ensure that Californians are able to keep their heads above water. With the government, municipalities, financial institutions, real estate professionals, utility providers and community coming together, residents will be able to thrive amidst the chaos.

Californians must keep in mind that this is a temporary situation. Leaning on one’s family, neighbors, friends and faith systems is a good strategy to remain sane and keep the predators at bay.

Small Theater Big Cast

Agatha Christie was commissioned by Queen Mary in 1951 to write what we now know as The Hollow. This classic novel is brought to life by a talented cast at Lamplighters Community Theatre. The Hollow is a best selling novel that is only outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare. You owe it to yourself to enjoy performances by local actors who bring their best to the stage and leave it all there for you to digest.

Mark Loveless, the director, along with producers Dorothy Ann Courtney and Heather Kenney, manage to apply a humor that doesn’t exist in the novel. Set and lighting designer Dale Goodman brought the big country estate to life using decades of experience, technique and creativity. As a collective, they were able to capture the breadth of this masterpiece in a one room playhouse.

The casting is impeccable. Unless you’ve read the book one would never know the ending. The ensemble kept the audience guessing until the very end. This three-hour play centers on who killed Dr. John Cristow played by Wilson Adam Schooley. The first scene set the scene for murder, deception and betrayal. There isn’t a single character exempt from investigation.

Dr. John Cristow is a known philanderer. Schooley plays the arrogant and narcissist character flawlessly. He has a mistress, a wife and a lover. The audience almost claps when he is murdered, because his womanizing traits are conveyed with such accuracy. Cristow is the man you love to hate. He and his mistress grew up together and as a result, she is devoted to him. His wife Gerda is played by Lucinda Moaney. She has low self esteem and is dependent on her husband for breath it seems.

Inspector Colquhoun (Bud Emerson) steps on the stage with his eccentric sidekick detective Sergeant Penny (Richard Cajka). They immediately quarantine the family including the butler to the estate as they attempt to pick out the guilty party. Everyone is a suspect and everyone has a motive. The inspector points out that the butler, Gudgeion played by D. Kevin McGuiness has murderous intentions due to his unwavering loyalty to Lady Angkatell (Connie Terwilliger).

The antics and questions continue with Lady Angkatell. She becomes a lead suspect because she cannot control her mouth nor remember details. Connie Terwilliger is excellent in this role. She embodies Lady Angkatell and brings most of the play’s humor to the fore. Her dialogue is capricious and she is unable to hold back her feelings. Although her behavior is outlandish, the portrayal of this character is truly believable.

This is the ultimate whodunit that you will have to see to get the answer. The Hollow by Agatha Christie is playing now through March 19th. Get your tickets online or at the box office at Lamplighters Community Theatre in La Mesa.