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LIFESTYLE CORNER: Significance of Formal Events

Prom is an exciting time in young people’s lives. There’s the excitement of asking your crush on a date. Renting a limo and purchasing the perfect dress for the evening is a rights of passage in America. For those with limited access to resources, an exuberant moment can quickly digress into dred. Blessed with a Dress seeks to change that. Foothills Christian Church is hosting a dress giveaway event on Sunday, March 14 from 10AM to 1PM. Girls in need of a formal dress for the myriad of dances taking place this season are welcome to attend this exciting event.

Women know how expensive formal wear can be. Hundreds and thousands of dollars is spent on items that you may only wear once. Hours is spent researching and sourcing the right gown, jewelry, clutch, shoes and corsage. The dress and accoutrements are worn for a quarter of an evening then retired to storage. Church officials are seeking donations of gently worn dresses, shoes and accessories. If you have a formal or cocktail dress in good condition, you’re invited to bring it to 365 West Bradley Avenue in El Cajon. It’s okay if the shoes are slightly scuffed on the bottom. The church will appreciate the gesture. While you’re at it, don’t forget the matching clutch. Make a young woman’s evening by gifting her with both stunning and understated jewels to complete the look.

Residents of East San Diego County are fortunate. Compared to many counties in Southern California, we are fortunate. Although there is a sizable percentage of the population that is struggling to make ends meet. Parents want to provide the best of everything for their children but for many, that is not a realistic option. The added cost of a dress, shoes, jewelry, handbag and a limo is out of reach for many. Foothills Christian Church knows this because they work with members of the El Cajon community that are underserved. Blessed with a dress is an opportunity to give back and give your dress a second life.

Drop off your donations from Tuesday through Friday. Church office doors will be open from 9AM to 5PM. The office is located at 350 Cypress Lane, Suite B in El Cajon. We will be covering proms throughout East San Diego County. If you decide to make a donation, keep your eyes peeled because we may feature a photo of a deserving young lady wearing the dress you donated.

The dresses can be worn for Quincinearas, cotillion balls, weddings, awards dinners and more. “This event is an opportunity to obtain free, high-quality, fashionable formal wear for school dances and any other special occasion. We want to make sure that no young ladies are sitting at home without a dress. Help us make dreams come true.”

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